Thursday, 30 August 2012

Rob Rose Danville Tells you the Benefits of buying houses for Rentals

Real estate is one of the most rewarding investments we can ever make as it can fetch us good profit when done strategically. According to the top realtor, Rob Rose Danville of Rob Rose the group, it is essential to consider all factors that will ensure you get maximum returns on your investment.  It is indispensable that you need to get a real estate investor that will guide you and advice you on the best strategies when dealing with rentals.
Location pays a major role when it comes to rentals. It determines the kind of tenant that will occupy the houses. Buying the houses near a college or university means that you attract students than working class persons. As much as the demand will be high there will be seasons when the houses will be empty like during holidays .
Security is one of the major factors that should be considered. Security has become like a basic need as no one wants to live in an estate where the next minutes happenings are unpredictable. People are willing to pay more just to have that peace of mind that they can come home late at night and still be safe. You can cross check with the police about a neighborhood crime rate.
Most working class people are looking for rentals that are close to their work places. These are tenants that are great to target as they will be good at paying rent and will be in the home for a long time holding all other factors constant. Generally locations with growing employments and companies coming up are suitable to ensure constant demand for the houses.
Rent is another determining factor. It will be the wine of your new business and determining the amount you will charge the tenants will influence the amount of profit you will make and also the demand for the rentals. Do not go overboard that tenants shy away and also do not short charge them that you make losses. Researching on the amount of rent being charged in the location nearby will give you an idea of how much you should charge.
Ensure that you are making enough money after property tax. It is crucial to find the best location with the best paying tenants so that after the property tax is deducted, you will still be profitable. Other deductibles like insurance are necessary and one should look for areas that are not affected by to natural disasters. Also search for places that offer other amenities like gyms, transportation, shopping mall and other thing tenants would love.
Use rob rose to shop smart and make an investment of a lifetime.
Rob Rose Danville is the Broker Owner of The Rob Rose Group and the CEO of Awl Eye Investments.

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  1. I've been looking for tips as I'm planning to buy from an Idaho real estate. Thank you for sharing such amazing tips to help me buy houses, though I won't really use it for rentals.